Passive lodges, built with sustainable materials

Solar panels

Sorting out and composting of the waste

Cleaning of the grey waters with a waste stabilisation pond

Organic and local food as much as possible 

Hot water produced with solar thermal collectors.

Use of low consumption lights 

Lending of bikes to promote active mobility 

Charging station for electric cars 

Composting toilets in the ecolodges

Use of sustainable cleaning products.

Wood heating 

Ecolabel Européen

Ecolabel since 2016

We designed our accommodaton to reduce significantly their impact on our planet.


Our Ecolodges :

  • Minimum visual impact
  • Construction passive en bois et terre cru
  • Hemp insulation
  • 100% natural latex matresses (Biosens)
  • Raw clay thermal wall : it permits to release natural heat all year round. 
  • Cob structure
  • Second hand furniture
  • We tried to use only natural and/or second hand material as much as possible to built and decorate these accommodations.
ecolodge la belle verte
gite ecorénové

Our cottage :

Our cottage is an old “longère” (traditionnal breton house), and it has been renovated with sustainable techniques.

  • Ecological renovation
  • Walls covered with whitewash and hemp primer
  • Insulation made with wood wool and cellulose
  • Big bay windows oriented south to heat the place
  • Natural paints
  • 100% natural latex matresses (Biosens)

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